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Axxiom Shoes


AXXIOM shoes are designed for life. With comfort and effortless simplicity at the forefront, you can wear AXXIOM on a full array of occasions. They feature timeless, classic style that is highly versatile and dynamic.

AXXIOM is designed by Todd Partridge. Todd has a keen sense for what’s in style, stemming from his dynamic 30 years of experience in the fashion footwear industry. In 1993, Todd began applying his creative talents in the shoe industry. He apprenticed under well-known designers such as Franco Sarto, Peter Keen, and Peter Brady Sr. Just 2 years later, he became lead designer for the brands Mainewoods and Danexx. 

Todd views fashion not so much as revolutionary, but evolutionary. As trends recycle over the decades, Todd's approach to design is to take those trends and add a fresh twist. He does this through interesting materials, eye-catching ornaments and modern updates to classic constructions. He aims to deliver fashion geared toward those who are looking for a unique and individual interpretation of trending styles.