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History on some of our most popular brands:

Aetrex was founded by Paul and Charles Schwartz back in 1946. It was the beginning of a shoe company with a unique vision. They wanted to create shoes that were both comfortable and stylish. This brand is well known for its comfort features, including excellent arch support, flexibility, and padding for your feet. Aetrex offers more than 200 styles of men's and women's shoes, from casual to formal wear. They also make fantastic choices for travel since they offer a wide variety of styles that allow you to take the perfect look anywhere you want. Aetrex is available at our Mount Dora's Store and carries many different shoes for women and men, everyday wear, or for any occasion.

Alegria Shoe brand is a line of stylish boots and sandals made in china. The Company was founded on Oct 8, 2001, with the headquarters region on East Coast, Southern US. Alegria Shoe brand is a famous brand for Footwear in the United States. They have over 200 employees from diverse backgrounds representing all areas of expertise in the U.S. and China. Alegria by PG Lite® has been recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and earned the Seal of Acceptance on selected styles in recognition of the Company's commitment to health and comfort. The shoe brand offers a wide variety of solutions specially designed for men, women and children. They provide you with a great choice of boots, mules and slip-on shoes. Alegria has high quality materials that make every product durable and comfortable. Mount Dora's Store is proud to offer Alegria Footwear that will protect your feet while allowing the proper movement and support they need.

Arcopedico was founded is from Villa de Conde, Portugal. The Company has been in service for more than 20 years, and over those years, they have become one of the leading American brands dedicated to fashion and comfort. Their philosophy is that expert artisans should make quality shoes, predominantly in Portugal. This brand is known for its unique designs, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship. Arcopedico offers its customers a wide variety of shoes to fit any lifestyle, including walking shoes, slip-on, oxford shoes, and mules. Their Footwear also offers exceptional arch support as well as flexibility and durability. Arcopedico is an excellent choice for people looking for comfortable walking shoes or everyday wear because their Footwear will not only last you a long time but will also keep your feet from getting tired or sore after long periods.

Birkenstock is a company that has been around for over 200 years. They specialize in making quality footwear that looks fashionable and gives you proper support with each step you take. Birkenstocks are also made with cork, jute, and leather. These materials are comfortable and breathable, ensuring your feet will stay cool and dry under any circumstances. They are available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles. Birkenstock is also known for making shoes with arch support and posture-enhancing properties. Mount Dora's Shoe Store with More is proud to offer Birkenstock footwear that will protect your feet while allowing the proper movement and support they need.

From comfortable sandals to stylish shoes and the latest in comfortable Footwear, we have an excellent selection for all our customers. Finding the right shoe for your feet is one of the most important things you can do to protect your feet from everyday wear and tear. Becker's Best Shoes takes pride in our shoes, making sure they meet the needs of each individual. The Mount Dora's Shoe Store's takes excellent care of every customer who walks through our doors. We want to take that journey with you to fine the perfect shoe for your needs and ensure that we provide the best service.

If you're ever in need of any assistance, feel free to contact us so we can help you find just what you're looking for.

Dansko is a footwear brand located in Pennsylvania, USA. The Company was founded in 1990 by a family of Norwegian immigrants from Norway. Their shoes are designed to endure long work hours and then be worn regularly. Dansko focuses on providing their customers with quality, comfort shoes in both wayfarer and classic designs. The Company prides itself in creating accessories that help its customers look and feel great without sacrificing comfort, whether at the office or at home for leisure activities. They are well known for their women's shoes and mules. Dansko shoes are worn by people all around the world because of their great supportive designs as well as their comfort and durability. Dansko is also known for offering stylish, high-quality women's sandals that you can wear throughout the year. They are available at our store in many different types of designer styles.

Hey Dude was founded in Italy in 2008 by CEO Alessandro Rosano, who dreamed of creating lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, affordable shoes. These shoes can be worn anywhere, from the office to the beach and beyond. Hey Dude Selection is made so that they can easily match your style, whether it's a casual, sporty, or formal look. The Company also believes in offering its customers optimal use of individual comfort through various designs and styles with different comfort profiles. These shoes come in natural and manufactured materials from cork and leather, as well as suede, to offer optimal style and comfort for any occasion. Hey Dude is also one of the best shoes for travel since they offer many different styles for both men and women. They even offer an array of shoes designed to serve everyday needs and long journeys at high altitudes.

Keen Footwear offers the user a total package when it comes to Footwear. They offer different types of shoes depending on the situation you're in at the time. For example, if you're walking around town, their casual line would be great for you to wear throughout the day since they're comfortable and easy to walk in. On the other hand, if you're going hiking or want to explore the outdoors a little more, their hiking shoes would be an excellent option for trekking in the mountains. Keen is known for their lightweight sandals as well. They offer many unique styles and colors to find exactly what you're looking for. Mount Dora's Store is a great place to find Keen Footwear.

Naot footwear brand was founded in 1942 with its headquarters in Neot Mordechai, Israel. Naot shoes are known for their innovative designs and quality materials. They carry an extensive selection of men's and women's shoes. The brand also prides itself on using natural materials in its manufacturing process. These unique materials soften the shoe for more comfort as well as durability. Naots also offers a wide range of shoes and sandals that fit casual and dressy occasions, including casual sandals, formal pumps, and even casual loafers. It has become one of the most popular Footwear brands in the United States, and also available at our Mount Dora's Shoe Store.

OluKai is a Hawaiian-Inspired brand that produces Sandals, Shoes, Boots, and Slippers. They are designed in OluKai's headquarters in Honolulu and are inspired by the Hawaiian Islands and the lifestyle they provide. This brand is known for its high-quality materials and comfortable designs that will help your feet feel great after wearing them for long periods. Their Footwear is made from the best materials, including premium fabrics, suede, cork, and latex. They are also working on providing their customers with an environmentally friendly replacement for traditional leather. Becker's Best Shoes is proud to offer Olukai footwear that will protect your feet while allowing the proper movement and support they need.

Pikolinos president Juan Perán's idea was to create a footwear brand that would make travel all around the world easier for people who wanted a pair of shoes that could be worn anywhere, on time, and occasion. Since Pikolinos' inception in 1984, it has become one of the leading shoe brands in Europe and America. They offer their customers the unique experience of combining European excellence with Mediterranean style. Pikolinos is known for making durable and comfort shoes at affordable prices. If you have been looking for quality shoes for your next trip abroad, Pikolinos is the right brand! Please visit Mount Dora's Store today to see how we can help you find the best travel shoes without sacrificing style and comfort.

Skechers is a multinational footwear brand headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California. The brand was founded in 1992 and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange. Skechers designs, develop and markets a range of lifestyle footwear and apparel products for women, men, and kids. Skechers is known for its innovative designs and styles that attract many customers. They offer Footwear to fit different needs, such as hiking and casual shoes. Skechers makes an excellent choice for people who want to take their appearance to the next level with stylish, fashionable Footwear for all occasions. You will love wearing the shoes from this brand because of their durability and comfort features. Another reason you should consider stoppine in to check out the many styles of shoes suitable for men and women alike, including many pairs from Skechers' collection of products.

Spring Step is a shoe brand made in Spain. It was created 30 years ago by David and Avi Ben-Zikry after they had an idea to develop a new way of designing shoes. Their designs are based on the idea that Footwear should be able to adapt to any situation without compromising their comfort. This brand was one of the first companies in Europe to make their shoes using Vibram FiveFingers. Spring Step makes it easy for you to find a pair of comfortable shoes that can be worn in any situation, from casual wear to dress wear. Becker's Best Shoes carries many different styles by this fantastic brand for men and women, for everyday wear, or any occasion.

Taos is lifestyle footwear founded in 2005 in Southern California. Taos is a leading brand in the U.S. market and has developed a reputation for creating high-quality, classic, stylish Footwear. This brand understands that, ultimately, Footwear purchased is a habit that needs to be formed with continued use to develop an affinity for their products. Their shoes are designed with certified comfort and style in a way that empowers the wearer while maintaining their style at the same time. Taos strives to offer its customers the ultimate experience of quality craftsmanship combined with premium materials and designs. We have them available in many different styles and designs to fit your unique needs.

Vionic was acquired by a footwear retailer and wholesaler Caleres Inc. for $360 million in 2018. Since then, Vionic has invested heavily in its footwear technology and introduced many new styles to its collection. Vionic has become a favorite brand of people who want to find comfortable shoes that can be worn in any situation, whether it's the office or a special event. They carry an assortment of shoes that are considered classics - including oxfords, mules, flip flops, and boat shoes. The strapping system used on this brand's Footwear gives individuals the support they need to relieve foot pain caused by flat feet or some foot disorder. People may also experience this pain if they spend long hours walking on concrete surfaces or standing still for long periods. Becker's Best Shoes is proud to offer Vionic Footwear as one of our many popular brands of comfort.