Learn the History of Arcopedico Shoe's

Learn the History of Arcopedico Shoe's


50 years after the launch of its first patent, Arcopedico launched the Star Shoes Project, a mission looking to pioneer the study of the world’s feet. The project invited 19 different countries to leave their footprints in phenolic foam boxes, which were sent back to Arcopedico’s Portuguese headquarters for assessment. An astounding 2600 Arcopedico lovers around the world participated in this study.

Arcopedico partnered with the Institute for Science and Innovation at the University of Porto, who tested the results to accurately measure the distribution of the foot across the plantar surface, as well as gait and posture. The results of this project will help create the new Arcopedico patent, which will cater to different foot types and needs from all around the world.

Elio Parodi, a Natural Inventor.



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