Introduction to On Cloud Footwear

Introduction to On Cloud Footwear

Running shoe technology has advanced significantly since the sport's inception. Materials, geometry, and the recent inclusion of a carbon plate to several of the top-tier racing shoes have all seen significant advances. However, what ON Running does with the design and manufacturing of its shoes is unlike anything else in the industry.

Here's what you need to know about On Cloud Footwear.

Brief History:

The story begins in Switzerland. From humble beginnings in Zürich, Switzerland, On started in 2010 with a lofty goal: to transform the running world. In the eight years since its launch, On has found its way into the hearts and onto the feet of over 3 million runners in more than 50 nations.

Following his retirement from professional competition, Olivier Bernhard, a three-time world duathlon champion and triple Ironman winner, dedicated himself to developing the ideal running shoe. He met a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new type of running shoe while doing so. The ideal combination of running experience and engineering skill allowed that first daring concept to be perfected in the years that followed.

Hundreds of prototypes were built, but the essential concept—cushioned landings and solid take-offs—remains the same. Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann were also persuaded to join the team because of this unique running experience. In January 2010, they formally founded the On in Zürich with Bernhard. Their goal of creating a fully designed product line in Switzerland utilizing cutting-edge technologies has accelerated.

The prototypes received the ISPO BrandNew Award, one of the most prestigious awards for sports innovation, just a month later, in February. The test runners were ecstatic, claiming to have ran on clouds. On sneakers were originally sold in July 2010 in the first running retailers.

After eight years, On running shoes are available in over 3,500 specialty running retailers in over 50 countries. On has offices in the United States, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, in addition to its European headquarters in Zurich. International design and technological awards have been bestowed on On products. And there's no sign of a finish line.

The Technology:

ON's shoe technology is extremely unique and distinct from those of other, more traditional running shoe companies. On employs a cushioning technology known as "Cloudtec." Each pod smashes down at the foot strike and then bounces back for an explosive toe-off.

Another advantage of this technology is that it divides the shoe's midsole into numerous zones that respond to your unique gait and how your foot goes through the cycle. A plastic plate dubbed a "speed board" is also included in the midsole of ON shoes.

The Speedboard is designed to allow the shoes to bend with the foot during the gait cycle and then snap back or rebound to their original position for a sharp, snappy sensation during toe-off. This is comparable to the technique utilized in other manufacturers' carbon-plated racing shoes.

The Cloud shoe is by far the most popular of the company's products. The Cloud is highly popular because of its flexibility, ultra-lightweight chassis, and inclusion of all of the important technologies that distinguish ON from the rest. The Cloud is intended to be a versatile shoe that may be worn for a brief workout at the gym, a light run, or just a stroll around the neighborhood.

What makes On Cloud Footwears Special?

The Cloud elements—the spherical pods beneath each shoe—are one of On's most distinctive characteristics. The elements make use of typical foam midsole features while also taking advantage of geometry.

On Cloud shoes are meant to collapse when you land and bounce back into form when you take off. As a result, the landing is cushioned and the takeoff is quick.

On creates shoes for a variety of exercises. You can discover the finest On running shoes for each situation, from shoes that will gobble up the bulk of your kilometers to lightweight trail running shoes.

The Cloud's characteristic light-weight feel, as well as the simplicity with which they may be slipped on, are two features that most people like. Despite all of the changes that had occurred over the years, that feeling was essential to retain, and in some cases, even to enhance. A new sock liner within the shoes is one of the Cloud's key features that aid in this effort.

Dual-density Materials:

This state-of-the-art sock liner, made of dual-density materials, immediately conforms to your foot shape and becomes more firmly attached for the inside. It's as if the new Cloud's sockliner was custom-made for your specific foot, keeping you cushioned and comfy whether you're wearing socks or not.

Another advantage is that the Cloud's unique On Speedboard has been expanded at the rear and is now visible from within the shoe. This provides additional support for the heel as well as the newly formed sole channel below.

The On Cloud shoe is available in a variety of colors and designs, allowing it to blend in with any setting or clothing without seeming out of place. If you're going on a trip and just want to carry one pair of shoes with you, the Cloud is a wonderful option.

You can do anything in them without looking like you're heading to the start line of your local 5k. If you intend to use your ONs as dedicated running shoes, other models will be more suited to your demands, but the Cloud is a fantastic shoe that falls into the 'Athleisure' category.

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