In a lifetime, the average person will walk thousands of miles. Unfortunately, most people will take these steps in uncomfortable shoes that don't fit.

As you age, your feet will grow in both width and length. And because the growth happens subtly, it may go unnoticed. Therefore, we assume that because we can still fit into our old shoes, all is well.

Unwanted stress on the foot, knees, lower leg, back, and the spine may result from shoes that are too tight, too loose, or without enough protection.

This stress may cause discomfort and accidents that can hinder individuals from participating in jobs, sporting activities, and other hobbies.

In developing foot and toe problems, such as bunions, calluses and corns, and hammer, claw, and mallet toes, the fitting of your footwear will play a significant part.

Therefore, you must find the proper shoe fit as you age. Because shoes appropriate for a person's feet, body, and lifestyle can prevent several foot-related conditions.

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SUMMARY OF: The Importance of Finding the Proper Shoe Fit as You Age

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