On Your Feet All Day?

On Your Feet All Day?

You may be familiar with the pain and discomfort you feel while you are standing or walking for most of the day at work.  By standing on your feet for much of the day, existing foot conditions will amplify and may get worse, including discomfort that may arise from corns, calluses, or certain deformities of the foot.

You can administer specific solutions to relieve a portion of the pain, including making adjustments in the workplace, wearing the proper type and size of shoes or using shoe inserts, and standing on softer surfaces instead of hard floors.

Keep reading to learn ways to improve feet pain after standing all day and dangers of having the wrong shoe size, choosing the correct shoe size, along with ways to improve comfort.

If you're standing all day, circulation in your lower body needs to work extra hard to return blood to your heart, which can cause swelling and aching.

What would usually be a fast passage of blood with oxygen and nutrients turns into a slow flow that leads to fluid leaking from the blood vessels into the surrounding tissue.

As a result of this, you would also find that your lower limbs get weaker quickly. This is considered lower limb fatigue. Your legs can begin to cramp as your lower limbs get exhausted, and back pain may start.

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